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Scientific Program

The scientific program will include invited Plenary and Keynote lecturers and the following type of contributions: (i) oral, (ii) poster and (iii) poster with flash oral presentation.
It should highlight the role of Nitrogen Ligands in:
- Coordination Chemistry
- Metal-Organic Chemistry
- Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry
- Biologically Active Compounds
- Materials
- Catalysis (both homogeneous and heterogeneous)
- Metal-mediated Synthesis
- Non-covalent Interactions and Supramolecular Assemblies
- C-H Bond Activation and Functionalization
- Electrochemistry

All approaches will be considered, from fundamental to applied ones, including multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary studies, overcoming artificial boundaries.

The official language will be English.
The delegates are asked to indicate their preferable mode of presentation, although the final selection will have to take into account the scientific program and facilities.

The Invited Speakers will address a wide diversity of modern topics and trends.

Selected contributions will be invited for publication in a Dalton Trans. Themed Issue on Nitrogen-Ligands to be based partly on the research presented at the Conference.

Satellite sessions, with invited contributions from both senior and younger researchers, are addressed to the promotion of cooperation among various countries, including the host one. They are open to all the participants who are welcome to join the establishment of expected collaborations.

Downloadable PDF of the program timetable (updated on 27.08.2018)